“Inspiring the winning spirit by providing innovation and strategies to those who are passionate about challenging the status quo”.

– Strategy Team-

BRYAN PALMERpartner / digital strategist
KARLIE JUNOTcreative writer

Youngintelligence.com began as a real estate laboratory to research the new emerging market trends and to meet the savvy consumers’ demands. It is a simple concept that is unique in our industry; an intelligence bank of products and services for our clients that are bundled for their specific needs. Combining technology with the communication skills give our clients a huge competitive edge.

A recognized real estate leader not only locally, but nationally, Carol Peyton joined forces with the David Young Team in 2011. Peyton built one of the largest and most successful real estate offices in Houston, attracting more than 480 agents, all while being the Regional Director for thirteen offices for Keller Williams Realty International. She then served as the Dean of the Leadership Institute for Keller Williams Realty and traveled the U.S. and Canada coaching and teaching principles and strategies of leadership.

Embracing the ever-changing market, Carol is excited with the opportunities our evolving economy has presented to the real estate world. Peyton is inspired by those who have the ability and leverage to make things happen, the desire to do work they believe in, and a marketplace that is “begging us to be remarkable,” she says.

our INTEL is defined by our core values:

Create a WOW experience through value and exceptional service
Embrace and create change
Create fun and be a little outrageous
Be adventurous, open minded and learning based
Be impeccable with your word
Build a positive team and family spirit
Be passionate and determined
Be humble
Be a disciplined leader in all aspects of your life
Understand our company is based on spiritual law